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One Child at a Time
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What Sets Us Apart

Family having a picnic We are very happy to welcome you to our website. As you may know, Dr. Steve, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Alex are unique in that all three doctors completed dual-specialty training in both Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics (the only three in the entire state of Pennsylvania). When you visit our office you find that our goal is to provide the optimal amount of dental care for your child. We believe that the kind of care children receive by the time they have reached adolescence will determine the kind of dental health that they will have for a lifetime.

Our office is oriented toward prevention and inter­ception of dental disease. Accordingly, we stress routine fluoride applications, tooth sealants, oral hygiene instructions, and orthodontics as a means to promote a healthy smile. You will find us eager to discuss our preventive philosophy.

As you may know, children's dentistry has made great advances during' the past decade which we incorporate in our practice. We are happy to announce that our practice is mercury free and latex free. We take great pride in our capability of giving your child complete dental supervision from early childhood through his teenage years. Our training has given us the knowledge and certification in both children's dentistry and orthodontics which enables us to properly guide a child's dental health. To this end, we welcome you to our office.

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